3 Items Or Fewer

Description about 3 Items Or Fewer Game

Hey! Player. You have been here to help the cashier in the bill counter of the Olline mart. This is a very simple task. Use mouse to play the game.

Scan the three items using the laser scanner. Scan the items one after another. Click the item and drag it to the scanner. Once when the item is dragged to the scanner the total amount for the item gets scanned and billed. Now you can move the item to the bag. Once the first item is moved to the bag do the same process for the next two items one after another. After placing all the three items in the bag you need to collect the billed amount from the customer. Now all you need to do is to provide the proper change from the available change in $0.25,$0.10,$0.5 and $0.01. After choosing the right change click give change button that appears in green. If you didn't choose the correct amount then you can use the clear button and can choose the correct amount. Now, as the last step you need to drag the receipt to the bag. The same process should be done for every customer. The maximum number of customers the maximum points. Simple.

For every item that gets placed after proper scanning will gets +150 points and -100 points for items without proper scanning. Negative points or penalties is there for bagging non'scanned items, wrong change and crushed items. Don't forget the timer. Happy billing.