Amigo Cafe

Have fun with Amigo cafe

As the name suggests the player is running a cafe. You want to serve the customer with the food they wish. When the customer arrives, he/ she will order the item and you need to serve the item they required by preparing it. After getting the order you need to prepare it the right order, i.e. from left to right. When the first one gets ready you need to serve it on the plate. You can get the plate by clicking on the plate. When you place the place in front of the customer, you can server the first item and subsequently the next if any. There are certain time limits for every single customer, so remember you need to serve the dishes on time. The hearts above the customer represents it.

Once the customer gets served with the correct order he/she will pay you money. When the customer leaves you can clean the served area by using the trash can. Note that you should not overcook any item. If you overcooked any recipe by chance, then the usage of trashcan is unavoidable, which will lead you to gain some negative points. Once you clear first level you will be promoted to next levels where the customers and the number of ingredients also gets increased. This game will give a real cooking experience and also provide the experience of the chef. This game will be more interesting when the level gets increases. Have fun with the cafe.