Bar B Que


In this game you run a Bar-B-Que in a town where you have lots of customers. Here you need to prepare the dish that the customer needs. When a new customer arrives, you need to serve him what he/she wants (or) ordered. At level 1 your goal is 4. Yes!! You need to serve 4 customers. At the subsequent levels the number of customers will get increased. You will have 3 lives in this game.

When the customer arrives and order you need to prepare the meal in the right order. You need to prepare the meal form left to right. There is a timer for every order so you need to prepare the meal and serve it to the customer before the time runs out. Use mouse and click the chicken and place it on the plate as it is the first thing from the left, then click the pepper and sprinkle it on the chicken to add spice. To roast the chicken click the chick to pick it up. Click on the roster after picking to roast it. Wait for some time till you see Done!! . Then pick it and place it on the serving plate. Note that you can place two chickens in the roaster at once. Finally, add some tomatoes to finish it up. Click the plate to serve it to the customer. You can add the waste to the trash. Remember to prepare this before the time runs out otherwise the customer will leave the Bar-B-Que. For each customer you will get 2 as cash.