Cinema Time Cashier


The interesting part of the game is the story or the plot of the game. If you are a newcomer, then it is obvious that you must feel a surprising experience while playing the game. The main character of the game is the manager of a movie theater. The work of the manager of a movie theater is to peacefully maintain all the situations in the theater. It is the duty of the manager to serve for the good of the customers. As a player you have to handle all the situations of the movie theater. In a theater audience gather to enjoy movies. And as a manager it is your responsibility to handle all the essential required situations, which means you need to serve for the audience in the theater. The situations include the arrangement of the movies as per the schedule time, also making an arrangement for the snacks and beverages for the audiences in the evening. So with the beginning of the game you need to perform all your duty as you do on a busy day, and this responsible service helps you to earn money and also gives you an opportunity to prove your ability to be a successful manager of a movie theater.

Also, the game shows how to run your own theater in your own town. Your duty must be to sell the tickets of the movie. Begin with a single movie and gradually increases the number of movies to earn more money and to spread the business.