Hotspot Net Cafe

Hotspot Net Cafe Game

The Internet becomes the key feature in this world. Everything is online now. The Internet can be accessed from many devices. Net cafe provides us the freedom and privacy to browse on the internet. Hotspot net cafe is a game which has the environment of a net cafe. Unlike the hotspot which can be created to connect several devices this net cafe acts as the hot spot. The privacy of the net cafe adds an advantage where there is no one to watch what you are doing.

In this game, the role of the player is to help the couple who are at the net cafe to make love. The player needs to help them without the notification of others in the cafe. Playing this game is very simple as this game has only click as its control. All you need to do is to click the girl or boy which makes the couple kiss. Upon kissing the life will get increased which can be seen on the top right corner. You need to click when others are not noticing them. A girl at the opposite computer will try to notice. A warning with the red light will show that she is going to notice. If she noticed that the couple is kissing then the life which is represented in hearts will get reduced. Upon losing all the three hearts you will losses the game. As an additional function, there is a timer of 60 seconds which limits the kissing period. If you find the time up then too you will loose the game. So have in mind about the girl and the timer and make a click. After finishing this game check out some more samples at Cashier Games homepage.