Krusty Cashier

Krusty cashier game description

In this game your role is cashier. You just want to perform some basic math operations. As your role is a cashier you need to provide proper change to the customers who arrives to the cash counter. You need to help each customer by doing the calculation. The appropriate calculations will gets displayed on the monitor for the customer who waits in the queue. The difficulty level of the calculations will gets increased depending on the level you play. As the level increases the number of customers also gets increased.

Just follow the simple instructions to score more to reach the next level and to be in the top list of the leader board. The Leader board is the area where you can register your scores by typing your name. The list of the top ten scorers will be showcased in it. Use the cash register buttons that display on the screen or the keys of your keyboard (numbers) to answer. Press enter or the green button on the calculating machine that appears on the monitor after answering by which a customer in the queue will leave and your scores will be noted on the score board. If you want to delete the answer use the red button or the backspace. Taking time for a long and wrong answers for too many questions will make a path to lose the game so be aware.

This simple math game specially designed for kids will greatly improve their calculating skills. Since it is a role-playing game it will be more interesting.