Making Change

Help Harvey by Making change

The player will play the game on behalf of Harvey who has appointed as a cashier at Perfect Pets. Since he is not very good in his job he needs the assistance of the player. The task is so simple. The player just need to assist Harvey in making change. The amount that a customer needs to pay will be provided in the form of Total Cost and the amount that the customer provided to Harvey will be in the form of Customer paid. The player after getting the Total cost and the Customer Paid want to help Harvey. It can be done easily by selecting the dollars that are available in the form of $10,$5 and $1 and pennies. Once the change is made the button check can be used to check whether the amount gets tallied. If it is correct then you can press next which will lead to the next customer in the cash counter.

You can get assistance if the correct change was not made with the help of show me button. The show me button will show you how to make the change.There will be 10 customers in the queue. Each correct change with minimum conis to the customer will increase your score. If you get help in the form of show me that particular customer's change making process won't get counted into the scores.After Making change for 10 customers the scorces will be counted and the player may help Harvey in his next set of custmers.