Papa Ice Cream

Description about Papa Ice Cream Game

This games deals with one f the kiddos favourite item "ice cream". Yes!!! Here, the player is running an Ice cream shop in the city called Papa Ice cream shop. Now you are the owner of an ice cream shop. The period in which you are selling is a holiday. So, you have come up with some special items. Now, as a result you have lots of customers at your shop, who wants to enjoy their desired flavour of ice cream from your shop. Now it is your turn to show your skills.

The task is so simple with different flavours and different types of toppings available in the store. All you have to do is to serve them with the desired ice cream with in the stipulated time. After knowing the flavour of the ice cream that the customer need click the cone which is arranged on the left side and then choosing the flavour that the customer needs by clicking the flavours on the right side. As the last step in the process of making ice cream choose the perfect toping that the customer requires. Yummy!!! The ice cream is ready to serve. Serve it and satisfy the customer.

Note that you need to the serve the customer on time or the customer may leave the shop. If you prepared the wrong ice cream even if you choose the wrong flavour then it can't be served to the customer. You should move it to trash which will lead to -20 points. As the level increases the flavours and the number of customers also increases. Even it will be more interesting!!!