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Super Grocery games will provide you a great shopping experience on grocery items. It is designed in the way that each and every kid who is playing this game will have a great experience of shopping and how to shop for a balanced diet with the available budget. The levels has been split into days. "Today's Goal"is the the goal of everyday where you need to get the required amount of calories. To shop the groceries which helps you to achieve your goal, a budget will be provided. With the available budget you need to purchase the groceries which satisfies the calories in a healthy way.

By clicking the item you can purchase it. For a balanced diet 50% Grains, 30% vegetables and fruits, 15% Meat, fish, milk and diary, 5% of Sugary and Fatty items are required. Purchasing the groceries which is balanced will award you bonus score. A food pyramid with all the 4 divisions shows you the level of the things you have shopped with three labels such as healthy, unhealthy and dangerous in green, orange and red. You can remove the unwanted item by clicking the item the cost of each item and the calories of it is displayed in a chart by which you can check with the budget and with the calories that you need. Grab the items as fast as you can since the item can be sold out!!!.Check out will help to purchase the item in your cart.

Clearing the level one (purchasing ) will lead you to next level i.e., next day. Each day has an interesting task in it which will be displayed at the start of each level. This games provides you a fun full shopping experience.