The Store

Build Your empire with the store

The store helps you to build your empire. The plot of the game starts with the loss of the wealth you had once. A bad night at Vegas brings a loss to you. You loosed the things once you had, such as money, power, women, etc.. At the beginning of the game the player has nothing with him. He will be in the position where he needs to start a new life. Yeah!! build his/ her new empire. The rage to build a new empire will help you to grow back your empire. Ofcourse!! Your fortune too plays a major role.

How to build your empire?

Once you click the new game button you will be directed to the store. The left side of the store has some buttons. You will be provided with $500 and you can buy items by clicking the buy items button. Select the item what you want to buy. After buying you can set prices with the help of set prices button for each item you bought but you should be aware of over pricing. Train your cashier will allowyou to fastest checkout by leveling your cashier if you have enough money to train.The Advertise button helps you in better advertising by which you canget more customers. The current item in stock can be viewed with the help of the inventory button. Buy stores helps you to buy better stores which leads to betteer bonouses and leveling. After this you will see a button play day 1 clicking this leads to main screen i.e, your store. Some times a thief will appear to rob click on him to catch!!